How to add indicator into chart

Add indicator into TradingView chart is simple. However, many traders are totally new in this software, so we would like to create this guideline.

Add indicator into TradingView chart instruction

  1. Click Indicators & Strategies in top menu
  2. Click the Category (Favorites, Build-ins, Invite-only scripts…)
  3. Select the Indicator you would like to use

Details about TradingView Indicator Categories:

  • Favorites: Indicators you "Add to favorite" before.
  • My scripts: Indicators created by you. Yes! You can create your own indicators using PineScript.
  • Built-ins: Indicators provided by TradingView. They are fundamental and traditional indicators.
  • Community scripts: Indicators provided by other members in TradingView platform and free to use. Most of them are just basic and simple indicators.
  • Invite-only scripts: Indicators you have been invited to use. You usually have to pay to get invitation. If you use LIVE indicators or other premium indicators, they will be in this category.

You may see that TradingView uses "scripts" instead of "indicators". For now, you can say that they are same. 


  • You may not see one or some categories above. Don't worry! The reason is there is no indicators in those categories so TradingView doesn't show them.
  • When you got the invitation to use invite-only indicator but you don't see Invite-only scripts category or don't see that indicator in this category, please try these solutions:
    - Reload your current chart and check again.
    - Logout of your TradingView account, then login and check again.
    - If you still don't see it, contact the owner of indicator. You may sent to owner wrong TradingView username or he/she added wrong username.

Lucky trading!