How to create alert

Alert is the great way to help you get notified when there is a price event happens without need to monitor the chart every second. However, to create alerts, indicators have to provide Alert Conditions that you need.

In TradingView, you can be notified via app, email, webhook, sms… (it's up to your TradingView membership).

Please follow this instruction to create an alert

  1. Click Alerts icon in the right menu bar of the chart
  2. Click Create Alert button
  3. In Condition, select the Indicator name. Then select the Condition name you would like to get notification
  4. In the Option, pick the frequency of the notification. Once Per Bar is usually a good choice.
  5. In Alert Actions, pick the way(s) you would like to get notified. Notify on app and Send email are common options.

You can give this alert a name and message if you would like.

Other factors (symbol, timeframe, settings…) are based on your current chart settings.

Lucky trading!