01. What is LIVE Trading Tools and LIVE Indicators?

We are LIVE Trading Tools, a team of professional traders & developers. We aim to provide Best Trading Tools with reasonable price for all traders & investors in all markets. LIVE Indicators is a collection of Premium TradingView indicators, trusted by +5.000 traders & investors.

02. How can I check if these indicators works?

You can use "24/7 Live Demo" button in each indicator to have a quick look with real live data. You also able to copy the chart to use these indicators with full features, for all symbol and timeframes to see how it works.

You may need to have a TradingView Pro plan (Trial is ok) to Copy the chart.

03. How can I use these indicators?

When you buy indicator, we will grant you access right in TradingView. When having access right, open your TradingView chart, browse "Invite-only scripts" and add it into your charts. The way to set up and usage methods for all indicators are full-documented here.

04. Why do you sell indicators in this low price?

Everyone needs indicators but not all of us are rich and able to pay hundreds of dollars every month for Premium indicators when we get started. People at LIVE Trading Tools would like to change the world!

05. I have purchased LIVE indicators but I can't access them now

Thank you for your purchase! You need to wait for us to grant you access right before you can use them. We usually able to complete this step for you within 2 hours. However, due to volume of orders, it may takes up to 48 hours to grant you access right! You will receive a notification email when this step completed. Thank you for your patient and understanding.

06. Why do I need a TradingView account?

Because all LIVE indicators work based on TradingView. If you don’t have a TradingView account, create a Free TradingView account here.

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